July 29, 2016

Restaurant Valet


 A Hands-On Management Approach to Restaurant Valet Parking

Our success at CDC is based on a hands-on management approach.  With intense training in both customer service and restaurant valet parking operations, you can be sure you are getting the best in the industry. Your valet service provider is the first and last impression your guest has of your hospitality.  We have designed an array of valet parking solutions for all circumstances. Our solutions provide the very best in customer service.  Let us help to  go above and beyond your guests’ expectations.

A Better Experience

Your guests are not happy when they have to walk too far or parking spaces are too few.  Your valet can help them to be less disoriented. Welcoming them all with a scripted greeting when they arrive. What do we at CDC call these? Opportunities, yes opportunities to provide an even better experience for your guests.  Now they are greeted with a pleasant and trained team from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave us.

We are in the Customer Service Business

The needs of our customers take precedence. We have open dialogue with our clients about improving service, managing costs, and increasing efficiency; and we relay this to our Site Manager to implement any changes. CDC Parking Management has the experience of effective parking management and valet services.  As a team, we will continually assess the operations to develop the best solutions for you and your guests.

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